Friday, December 17, 2010

Easy Bottle Cap Necklaces

If you need a quick, easy, cheap gift for a little girl in your life, I have a great idea for you.

I bought bottle cap bezels with the vague intention of creating some kind of pendant for my daughter. I thought maybe I'd use her initial or perhaps a picture of a horse or ballerina, then fill in the bezel with Glossy Accents. I set the supplies aside and forgot about doing it.

Then the Princess asked to make something for her friends for Christmas. I was busy, busy, busy and we were pinching pennies. I frantically rummaged through my craft stuff and found the bezels. Aha!!! Inspiration struck and since that doesn't happen often, I jumped on it.

Along with the bezels, I found some tiny little marbles in my stash. I mean, these things are tiny! But oh so cute! I had royal blue and multi-colored. The Princess chose multi-colored.

Using a small paintbrush, I spread a thin layer of clear-drying glue in the bezel. A toothpick would work, too.

Then I poured in the tiny marbles, making sure the entire surface was covered. I let this dry for several minutes. I shook off the excess marbles that didn't adhere.

Starting around the outside, I filled in the bezel with the Glossy Accents. This stuff dries clear and shiny. You can see tiny air bubbles in this picture. Wait for them to come to the surface, then pop them with a straight pin or toothpick.

Allow the glaze to set overnight. Then apply another layer for more shine and dimension.

The bezels already had jump rings attached, so I simply strung them on black cord and knotted it.

I got the bezels for half price, so they cost 25 cents each. The tube of marbles was 99 cents and I used maybe 1/4 teaspoon for each one. It barely made a dent in the amount in the tube! The black cord was $2 and it was enough for 4 necklaces with enough left over to make at least one more. The cost of the Glossy Accents glaze was $5. It has lasted me a long time. So I estimate the cost of each necklace to be around 75 cents. Not bad for a cute gift!

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  1. Hi Marsha,
    What a great idea, that is really a cute little necklace. It will make a very nice gift. Thank you for sharing your idea and hope you have a great week end.