Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year and what we've been up to

It's been forever since I posted, but we've been here, there, and everywhere since December 11. We traveled to West Virginia to visit my family for Christmas, arriving early so my husband could do a work project. The advantage to this, he gets reimbursed for our travel expenses! Yay!

Then on the 28th we drove to Warrenton, Virginia to stay with my husband's cousin and his wife for a few days. We took the subway to Washington, DC to visit the Smithsonian. While we were there, we took in the National Museum of American History, the National Museum of Natural History, and the Air and Space Museum.

The Princess explaining sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rock:

Me posing by Julia Child's cookware collection:

A reproduction of Julie Child's kitchen as seen in Julie and Julia:

We didn't have time to visit the monuments and memorials, but we did get to see them from the National Mall area.

You can make out the top of the White House and the National Christmas Tree in this one:

On New Year's Day the Princess served as a flower girl in the wedding of a dear friend of ours. His name is Paul and he's currently serving in the US Marine Corps stationed in DC. We were honored to sit at the table of the groom's family during the reception.

Here's the Princess, the other flower girl and the lovely bride:

Yesterday we returned to my parents' house and tomorrow we'll head south to our home. It's a long time to be away and we'll be thankful to sleep in our own beds tomorrow night!

Did anyone else spend the holidays on the road?


  1. How fun! (I especially love the pic of Julia Child's Kitchen!) Sounds like you had a wonderful time :) Happy new year!

  2. Marsha,
    How fun to read your post and see your photos of the exact places that we were at just a few months ago! I was also amazed at the fact that you were in Fairmont, WV, because we went there on our way out to DC (gorgeous fall colors driving up 79) and we met some wonderful new friends at the church we attended. (Kincells and the Berrys) We also saw our friend who is a retired Marine Corp officer, now living in Virginia--he still works with Marines, so maybe he knows your wedding couple! So many things in common! I always think that is so fun. We have photos of Julia Child's kitchen as well:) I will be (finally) posting many photos of our trip this week. Just didn't get around to it earlier:) So glad you had a wonderful trip!

  3. I loved the pictures!! I am very glad that you are back home. I am ready to go see a movie and have a girls day out:)