Sunday, December 14, 2014

Menu Plan December 15-21

My oven died.

Well, it's not officially dead. But it's not heating properly and I've been unable to use it. Of course, it's the time of year that I used it a LOT. So far I've gotten no Christmas baking done.

Hopefully the repair guy will come tomorrow to diagnose it and see if it can be fixed. We're pretty sure it's not the heating element. We have a double wall oven and both ovens are having issues. We suspect it's the temperature control panel. The oven was installed in 1996 and the parts aren't readily available. We're bracing ourselves for the worst but hoping it's an easy fix.

I didn't realize how much I used my oven until I couldn't use it. No freshly baked bread or cookies. No casseroles. No pizza.

So this week's menu relies heavily on my stove top, which is separate from the wall oven. Here's what I've got planned:

Pancakes and sausage

Broccoli cheese soup, crackers

Italian sausage sandwiches, chips

Steak bites, fried potatoes

West Virginia pepperoni rolls

Mom's house

Mom's house

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  1. Sorry about the oven :( Your menus looks really good though! I hope it can be fixed fast!

  2. I saw a recipe somewhere (I think I even tried it) for baking bread in a crockpot.