Monday, June 22, 2015

Menu Plan June 22-28

Last year we had a Sam's Club open up about 2 miles from our house. I've been able to find some good deals on healthy foods there, especially produce. I want to share a couple of other finds we've made there.

First is this quinoa kale mixture from the frozen section. There are four separate steamable bags in this one big bag.
Quinoa really isn't that difficult to cook. But it's nice to have some ready to go. It can be reheated in the microwave or on the stovetop. I like to add tomatoes and zucchini along with more herbs to this mixture. Very filling and an easy side dish. Add some chicken or beef for a tasty main dish.

We've been trying to cut out processed foods and one of the things I've really missed is Cheez-its. When hubby found these cheese crackers with broccoli at Sam's with no artificial ingredients, I was a happy girl.
Of course, making homemade cheese crackers from scratch would be better. But being able to grab a handful of these crackers is a nice treat. The cheese taste is not as sharp as Cheezits, but they're less greasy and salty. Our whole family enjoys them.

Now on to this week's menu:

Crockpot cabbage rolls, veggie pancakes
Asian salmon, quinoa & kale with veggies

Skillet lemon glazed chicken, roasted brussel sprouts

Garden meatballs over brown rice spaghetti

Pizza night!

Grilled chicken and hot dogs


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