Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pity Party Post....or how I spent my Saturday

I spent it in the hospital. Doing nothing. And I'm exhausted!

Okay, let me back up. I went to bed around 11:30 on Friday night. I began having terrible pain in my upper back, left side. It moved around swiftly to my chest. I tried not to panic, thinking that maybe I had pulled something in my back. After an hour, the pain was just as intense and I thought that perhaps I'd better get checked out, just in case.

You see, recently a friend of mine lost her 15-year-old son to an undiagnosed heart condition. He had a massive heart attack and was gone. Also, my best friend's dad was diagnosed with a heart problem that if he hadn't sought medical help when he did, he might not be here today. So I woke Charles up, and he took me to the ER where I was admitted right away. Hey, tell them you've got chest pains, and the usually slow intake process speeds up considerably!

I had an EKG and was given a host of meds. Blood was drawn, an IV was placed, shots were administered. I got a shot right in my abdomen, beside my belly button. Ouch! The pain started to subside and I was made comfortable. Well, as comfortable as you can be with bright lights shining down on you and medical people poking and prodding you. About 4am I was given a room so I could be kept for observation and have a few more tests. I got no rest there, either, as every few minutes someone came in to do another blood draw or check my vitals. A hospital is the worst place to get sleep! Ha ha!

Thank the Lord for good friends like my dearest friend Suzanne who took the children so Charles could be with me. I know she had other things planned for her Saturday, but she voluntarily gave them all up to help us. She's a nurse, so she was able to give me some good advice (like, don't check yourself out of the hospital AMA because your insurance might not pay anything). Yes, that option was very attractive when 5 hours after the last test (a stress test), I still had not talked to a doctor about being discharged. Every blood test, EKG and ECG had come back clear, but no one had read the stress test! Okay, I know checking out against medical advice is NOT a good idea so don't fuss at me. But that shows you how much frustration and exhaustion can mess with your thinking processes! LOL

Around 9 pm, I finally sent Charles to get the kids who were worried about me, because despite being told I was fine, they couldn't understand why I was still in the hospital. The hospital is for people who are sick, right? Why would people who were okay be kept there for no reason? Good question, little ones!

Finally at 10 pm, I went to the nurses station and demanded to talk to a doctor. Now lest you think I was ranting and raving, I was actually very calm and rational. And desperate to get home. The nurses were sympathetic, and I have to say, they were the saving graces of the entire thing. Every nurse or technician who came into my room during my, stay, was cheerful and professional and very kind. But this whole idea of the doctors being too busy to read stress test results and give discharge orders for someone whose other tests came back fine is ridiculous!

God bless the nurse who finally said enough was enough and called a doctor. Within 15 minutes I had discharge orders in hand. Twelve hours after the last test I was finally allowed to go home! Oh, and the stress test was normal.

So what was my diagnosis? Well, considering I never actually talked to a doctor, I really don't know. But I will be seeing my family doctor later to follow up. It's most likely a fluke. I've known two other women with almost exactly the same symptoms and test results, my mom and our assistant pastor's wife. Both had the terrible chest pain, both had clear test results. Both are fine today. So I know it's entirely possible that there might not be an clear cut answer for the what caused the pain. I'm okay with that.

On the plus side, I've gotten lots and lots of extra hugs and kisses from the kids. We're a pretty affectionate family anyway, but Mr. Lego and the Princess have been especially considerate and helpful. Charles and I have giggled several times at how loving they've been. Sweet babies!

And so you don't think I'm a total whiner, I am grateful that nothing was seriously wrong. I'm thankful to live in a place where medical help is readily available and so thorough. And you know how couples often complain they don't spend enough time together without the kids? Well, Charles and I got several hours of togetherness with no children. Just a lot of medical professionals. See, I didn't lose my sense of humor.


  1. Glad you're okay! In Finland they can't boot you out the door quick enough lol!

  2. I hope it was a fluke!! But just in case, did anyone check your gallbladder? I had terrible pains like that. Three trips to the ER and no one had a clue what was wrong with me. Finally someone decided to ultrasound that area, and I had a gallstone.

  3. Thanks, Katrina! I'm feeling completely better, just tired still.

    Lisa, after all the EKG stuff came back okay,someone suggested my gall bladder might be the culprit. Until I told them I had my gall bladder removed in 2002. LOL! I remember how painful the gall bladder attacks were, though. I'm so sorry you had to go through 3 ER trips. Ack!!!