Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Parenting Thing isn't for Wimps

I love being a mom. I really do. Having children changed my life for the better.

But I just gotta say that as much as I love my kids, parenting is hard. Sometimes it just stinks! Sometimes I want to lock myself in my room and pull the covers up over my head, forgetting my responsibilities for awhile.

And the responsibilities are many! Parenting isn't all fun and games. We have to teach them so many things - kindness, patience, friendship, leadership, responsibility. We have to correct bad attitudes and instruct them in the ways of the Lord. And that's not even touching the life skills they need to learn to become self-sufficient. It never ends!

You know what? It's okay to admit that it's hard! It's perfectly fine to acknowledge that you need help! As Christians, our first resource should be God's Word. But it's wise to seek godly counsel, too. As long as that counsel lines up with what the Bible says, there's nothing wrong with asking for advice from another parent or teacher, especially one who's been there and done that before us.

So why is asking for help so hard? Because we don't want to admit our kids aren't perfect and neither are we? Will others look differently as us if they know we're struggling? Do we fear being judged as poor parents by our peers? Are the opinions of others more important to us than finding solutions to the problems we face as parents?

Maybe it's time we stopped worrying about how others view us and stopped judging each other's parenting skills and HELPED EACH OTHER through prayer and godly counsel!

There! I feel better!


  1. love it! You stated it perfectly!

    That was part of my "Be a Better Parent Challenge" yesterday!

  2. AMEN! Your prechin now! I NEED HELP! I am so thankful prayer works, because I sure do a lot of it!!

  3. You know .......ME TOO!!!!! Funny but I have been having these very same kind of thoughts recently....hmmmm. It is hard and even though I am a good mom most days I feel like a flop!!!
    Amen and Amen thanks for opening the blinds and letting some light in ;-)

  4. I totally agree! As much as I love parenting - it certainly is hard work. And maybe we need to quit pretending we know it all!

    Thanks! Gina