Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome, September!

Today is the first day of September, one of my favorite months.

The weather starts to cool down into the 80's. Hey, after 6 weeks of 90+ temps, 80 degrees is cool to me!

Fall decorations come out and plans start being made for the holidays.

Apples are in season and fairly cheap. Free Picture of an Apple With a Slice Cut Out. Click Here to Get Free Images at School Clipart

Starbucks starts selling their pumpkin spice lattes! Whoo hoo! Of course, you can make your own, like I did last year to satisfy my craving.

I love this time of year!


  1. Me too! I love fall, can't beat it! :)

  2. ok, you got me, I am about to go see how you make your own starbucks. mmmm i love fall too...Especially going to the Apple Orchard