Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mr. Lego's Lego Party

On Saturday, Mr. Lego turned 10. He is so excited to be in double digits!

I made some Lego decorations out of colored paper. I cut sheets of paper in half, then used a paper punch to cut out circles. I attached the circle with pop dots to make them stand out a little.

Here's our Lego building game. Each boy was given a pile of Legos. Then he was handed a card with the name of something he had to build using only Legos from his pile. We had a helicopter, a train, and a robot to name a few. It was fun watching the boys be creative.

We enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie cake complete with a Lego mini figure army. We bought the mini figure mold at the Lego Store. Then it was just a matter of melting some chocolate and pouring it. Charles took care of the army and I made the cookie.

And of course, the Lego loot. The rest of the afternoon was spent putting sets together.

These past 10 years have flown by. I'm so honored to be this guy's mom.


  1. I hope he had a great birthday! It looks like fun!

    I got a Barbie cake and was surprised they built a cake around an actual Barbie lol!

    I was amazed that I was a decade old when I was 10 :D

  2. What a great themed party! Happy birthday to your little man!

  3. Aww,sounds like he had a wonderful birthday.I remember when my girls were that little,I had so much fun with theme birthdays.
    The cakes turned of fab…great job!
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