Monday, September 12, 2011

Warning Labels

I recently got a new hairdryer after my old, well-used one bit the dust. As I was reading the manual that came with it, I found this warning : Do not use while sleeping. Really? That actually had to be put in writing? I'm sure there has to be a funny story behind that one!

I know that manufacturers are simply responding to lawsuits and trying to limit their liability, but have we really lost all common sense? Do we really have to be told that hot coffee is hot and that rotary tools shouldn't be used as dental drills? Seriously?

Here are some more head-scratchers:

For external use only (on a curling iron) - I can't even imagine

Do not drive with sun shield in place (on a car sun shield) - you mean not everyone has X-ray vision?

Do not use orally (on a toilet brush) - what else are giants supposed to use to brush their giant teeth?

Shin pads cannot protect any part of the body they do not cover (on a pair of bicyclists' shin guards) - you mean someone really expects them to?

For use by trained personnel only (on a can of air freshener) - I totally missed that class in college

Please store in the cold section of your refrigerator (on a bag of grapes) - are there any other sections in YOUR refrigerator?

Warning: knives are sharp! (on a sharpening stone) - If there was ever a time to use the word, "Duh!" this is it.

Warning: this product has been found to cause cancer in laboratory mice (on rat poison) - Didn't the words rat poison give this one away?

Please remove infant before folding for storage (on a baby stroller) - has anyone ever tried to fold up a stroller without a baby in it? It's not that easy. With a baby, impossible.

Do not drive a car or operate machinery (on children's cough medicine) - hmmmm, who got sued for this one?

May be harmful if swallowed (on a box of hammers) - how else are we supposed to get our recommended daily amount of iron?

Not dishwasher safe (on a TV remote control) - okay, fess up! Who washed their remote this way?

Have you ever seen any funny warning labels? Share them in the comments!


  1. LOL I love to use my blowdryer while sleeping lol!

    We don't have many funny labels but Fructis dandruff shampoo had a mis-translation : For dry and sensible scalp.

    I know my scalp is sensitive, not sensible lol!

    Now the same deodorant came in Spanish instead of Finnish lol!

  2. Shampoo, not deoderant. Been a long day lol!

  3. Ha ha!! I guess it's better to have a sensible scalp than a silly one!

  4. As a chemist, I always found the following label on a bottle of benzene quite amusing...
    "Caution: May contain benzene"...well gosh, I hope so!