Friday, February 22, 2013

Phineas and Ferb Birthday Party

We had Mr. Lego's 12th birthday party a couple of weeks ago. He chose Phineas and Ferb as the theme. I don't know about you, but I find Phineas and Ferb hilarious! It's just as fun for adults as it is for kids.

Because he's getting so mature and grown up, he really didn't want a lot of decoration and fuss. Sad, huh? So we pretty much confined our decorations to the table, most of which I found at Wal-Mart.
The best part was coming up with some fun games! I found several ideas online and customized them for our party. Want me to share?

All of these were based on episodes, sayings or songs from the show.

My Undead Mummy and Me - we divided into teams and had each team wrap one of their players with toilet paper.
I Know What We're Going to Do Today - I had a box of craft supplies and all kinds of household stuff. Each team chose something they were going to do - build the best race car ever, go to the moon, or create a time machine.
The best race car ever!

Busted! - Candace is always wanting to bust her brothers, but this game consisted of balloons and dollar bills. We inflated several balloons, stashing rolled up dollar bills inside several of them. Then the kids had to pop the balloons, looking for the cash which they got to keep. Lots of fun, but I don't have any pics of this game. I was laughing too hard!

Where's Perry? We hid a plush Perry figure for the boys to find. At the beginning of each episode, Perry the platypus sneaks off to become Agent P, only to return at the end of the show as if nothing had happened. In our case, Dr. Doofenshmirtz had kidnapped Perry and left clues throughout the house. The kids raced around trying to find the next clue - under the sink, on the ceiling, on the sunporch, then ultimately in our garden shed. This one had them stumped a couple of times, but they worked together to rescue Perry!

I had a couple of more things planned - making slime in Dr. Doofenshmirtz's evil lab and playing inflatable guitars. The inflatable guitars were supposed to come in packs of 12. Twice the company sent me one guitar only. I finally gave up on that one. We didn't make the slime because everyone was eager to eat some cake and open presents.

So now my little boy is all grown up. Or so he thinks.

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun!! Wish I'd been there!! :)