Sunday, February 10, 2013

Menu Plan February 11-17

We had a lovely weekend with my brother's family who came to visit. Until Sunday dinner. I had put two roasts in the crockpot to make Savory Beef Roast while we were at church. Apparently my crockpot had some issues I didn't know about because it didn't heat at all! And yes, it was plugged in and turned on. High, as a matter of fact.

Thankfully my husband had no problem at all high-tailing it to KFC to save the day! I put the roasts into the oven to cook, but we'll be eating them later this week and I'll probably freeze a little, too. You just never know when something might go wrong in the kitchen, so it's important to be flexible.

Now on to the rest of the menu:

Roast beef sandwiches, fries

Lasagna - Mr. Lego's request since today is his birthday!

Chicken shawarma, flatbread

Steak bites (recipe to come), twice baked potatoes

Beef and bean taco bake, Mexican rice

Toscano soup, pretzel bread

Tasty tilapia, broccoli

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  1. New follower here from MPM. Just wanted to say that a new tilapia recipe was just what I needed. Thanks for sharing :)