Thursday, August 15, 2013

Georgia Aquarium Summer Field Trip

We live just a little over an hour from Atlanta, so the Georgia Aquarium makes a perfect field trip destination. This time we went with some friends and made some great memories, in addition to learning new things about aquatic creatures.

The Aquarium is divided into several galleries. My favorite is the Ocean Voyager section. I could sit and watch the fish, rays and whale sharks all day. They're mesmerizing.
I love this picture! All the technology represented in our group is so funny to me!
Can you see all four whale sharks in this picture?

The River Scout gallery included animals like otters and albino alligators.

The Cold Water Quest section was also very interesting. We loved watching the beluga whales dance. But the snow crabs looked mean. And creepy.

We found Nemo in the Tropical Diver gallery!

And saw a whole coral reef full of colorful fish! Is that Dory?

The Aquarium has added a dolphin show since our last visit. It is included in the price of your ticket, but shows are only a few times a day and seating is limited. We arrived at the theater about 20 minutes before show time and the place was almost packed. So definitely schedule that into your day if you want to see the dolphin show.

Photography and videography wasn't permitted in the theater, so I don't have any pictures of the show. The storyline was a little corny and didn't make sense at times. The dolphins, though, made up for the wacky story. They were absolutely amazing to watch. And the special effects were pretty cool. I'd go watch it again if I had the chance.

After the show, we hung out and watched the dolphins. They obviously enjoyed showing off for an audience!

Everyone had a fantastic time, and we plan to go back. If you're in the Atlanta area and are looking for an educational, fun way to spend the day, check out the Georgia Aquarium.


  1. Nice! My sister was bugging me to go but I have put it off. Whenever we get back home I'll drag everyone up. Thanks for the pics! :)

    1. If you like aquariums, you will love it. The whale sharks just fascinate me so much. I hope you get to go!

    2. Thanks! I hope we do too :D