Sunday, August 18, 2013

Menu Plan August 19-25

We've had some wacky weather here in the Deep South. We've actually set records for the lowest high temps in August. That's right, low temps in August. Yesterday the Princess had a Sunday school swim party cancelled because it was too cold to go swimming. Our normal weather this time of year is hot, hot, hot. During the entire summer we've only reached 90 degrees 3 times!

So I've resorted to making soup - tomato soup and chicken chili! It's really been nice on these cool, rainy days. I did change the tomato soup recipe a bit to use up some of our fresh tomatoes. I'll post the changes later this week.

Now on to this week's menu.

Garlic chicken noodle bake, green beans

Beef, potato and quinoa soup

Chicken lasagna roll-ups, garlic bread

Chinese 5-spice beef and broccoli, rice

Crockpot Italian Parmesan herb chicken and potatoes

Ranch veggie pizza

Beef tips and gravy, noodles

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