Sunday, October 20, 2013

Menu Plan October 21-27

Last week was very pleasant. Charles and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary by spending the entire day together. We capped off the lovely day by eating at The Olive Tree in Villa Rica, Georgia. The food and atmosphere was amazing, as was our service. We would highly recommend if you're in the area, take some time to try out this fabulous restaurant.

We started off with the saganaki or flaming cheese. Unfortunately the flame had already died out before I grabbed my cellphone to take a picture. But the Kaseri cheese was melty and delicious. Lemon juice drizzled over the dish added a lovely tang.
Charles ordered the Greek Combo platter with moussaka, pastitsio, and gyro meat.
I ordered the Tour of Greece. It had gyro meat, dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), spanakopita, chicken souvlaki, and house made potato chips seasoned with Greek seasonings. The pita slices that accompanied the appetizer and entrees was amazing.
I am currently hunting down recipes to recreate these traditional Greek dishes so we can have a Greek night here at home.

But until then, I have to keep my family fed. Here's what I've got planned for the week:

Ladies Night Out at church (hubby and kids will eat out)

Pumpkin cashew chicken curry, rice

Philly cheesesteaks sandwiches, waffle fries

Crockpot chicken and broccoli, salad

Taco soup, sweet buttermilk cornbread

Crockpot sweet garlic chicken, noodles

Beef roast in the crockpot, mashed potatoes

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