Sunday, March 2, 2014

Menu Plan March 3-9

Yay! Yay! March is here. It's "coming in like a lion" in many parts of the country which according to the old saying means March will go out like a lamb. Not sure if that weather wisdom is really something to count on, but isn't it lovely to think that spring and warm weather is on its way?

I also like March because it's my birthday month. Even though it's two weeks away, hubby has already gotten me a gift.
Yes, that's a cast iron Dutch oven. I love getting stuff like this as presents! I'm going to experiment this week with some crusty bread baked in this lovely pot.

Now, on to this week's menu:

Pizza for the guys and kids - Girls Night Out for me and my friends

Crockpot cheesy cowboy casserole, green beans

Baked egg rolls, garlic sesame noodles

Homemade chili mac, broccoli

Indian butter chicken over rice, flatbread

Grilled hamburgers, fries

Roast and potatoes in the crockpot

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  1. Looks great! :) Congrats on the cool dutch oven! I love useful presents :D

    1. I know some people think it's weird to get kitchen gadgets for presents, but I love it! Cooking is my hobby, so why shouldn't I ask for things that make my hobby more enjoyable? Hubby gets an A+ in gift-giving this year!

    2. I agree 100%! I am a homemaker and like useful stuff. I got a portable vacuum on Valentines and it's been SO nice compared to hauling the big thing around. I used to hate socks as a gift when I was younger and now I'm like whoo! Lol