Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Favorite Essential Oil Company

Over the past several years I've used essential oils in making homemade beauty products and cleaners, but I decided I really wanted to do more research and find out what essential oils could do for me and my family.

I've seen a lot of bloggers touting the essential oils from a few big name brands, but it seemed like to get the best prices, you had to join those companies as a "rep" even if you didn't want to sell the oils to others. And the oils were pretty darn pricey, too - because the oils were so pure, I was told.

So I quickly learned to research outside of the big companies and find sources that weren't intent on selling me something or getting me to make a financial investment. One of my favorite informational websites is Learning About EOs. The founder of LAEO is Lea Harris, a certified aromatherapist. Her mission is education about essential oils, not selling a product.

I've also read some books on aromatherapy, all of which DO NOT recommend ingesting oils unless you're under the direction of a qualified health care provider or certified aromatherapist. Whoa! That was an eye opener for me, especially since some of the big companies promote internal usage as a daily routine. Eek!

So that became a huge red flag for me. If a company promoted internal usage, I was very wary of them. It seems quite simple to me why they do it. More usage equals more need for their products.

And so I came across Plant Therapy. Their oils were affordable (please don't confuse higher price with higher quality - you might just be paying for someone's Hawaiian vacation or some slick marketing tools). And they were very clear that ingestion without a qualified health provider's direction was a bad idea. They also offered free shipping in the US and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

My husband ordered this set of 14 oils for me as part of my birthday present. I have loved getting to know these oils and their uses! I also ordered the Top 14 Synergy set as well. I have really enjoyed diffusing the Tranquil synergy in the evening after a long day.

I have been very pleased with the oils I've purchased from Plant Therapy. Their customer service is also amazing! They are very responsive and willing to answer any questions a consumer might have. They've earned my loyalty as a customer.

Now I know everyone has their favorite companies. I'm not trying to change your mind about whom you prefer. I'm just offering my opinion. Since it's my blog, I get to do that. ;)

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