Sunday, November 16, 2014

Menu Plan November 17-23

After a cold weekend, it's going to get even colder here in the Deep South. Tuesday's forecast says the high is supposed to be 37 degrees. In November. We usually don't get temperatures like that until January or February, if at all. I'll be making some soup and some other comfort foods to keep us warm!

My brother and his family are going to visit on Saturday and Sunday because we won't have time to get together for Thanksgiving. So Sunday's dinner will be a mini-Thanksgiving feast. We've got a friend who's smoking a turkey for us, and I'll be preparing some other sides in my many crockpots. Should be fun!

Here's what I've got planned:

Beefy Spanish rice, corn

Oven roasted sausage and potatoes

Jambalaya, cheddar biscuits

Beef bourguinon, mashed potatoes


Creamy ham and potato soup, crusty bread

Smoked turkey, crockpot potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce

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