Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Menu Plan May 25-31

Sorry this is late, but I've had a busy, busy weekend!

On Saturday we purchased a new mattress set for our king size bed. We've had a memory foam mattress for about 2 years and I never really liked it. I woke up with sore shoulders and neck almost every day. I finally came to the conclusion that memory foam just isn't for me. Charles agreed that he really didn't find it all that comfortable either.

So we found a great deal at Sam's Club and snagged the last king size set they had of this particular style. I have to say, I love it already. Sore shoulders are gone! Charles isn't quite ready to give his seal of approval since it takes him a long time to get adjusted to anything new. But he's pleased that I'm pleased with it.

Sunday was of course a day of church activities and then Monday was Memorial Day. I did a lot of grilling prepwork and we hosted some friends. So I've barely had time to sit down at my laptop.

Now that I have, here's what is on this week's menu:

Grilled burgers, hot dogs and brats

Jambalaya, crusty bread

Baked egg rolls, garlic sesame noodles

Homemade pizza

Girls' night - all the guys are going camping

Grilled steaks


Hope y'all have a great week!

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