Wednesday, April 25, 2012

That Works for Me!

Have you heard about this weekly blog carnival hosted by Kristen at We are That Family? Readers submit their favorite helpful tips about household tasks, crafts, cooking, name it.

Well, Kristen has organized over 800 of the best tips into a new e-book, That Works for Me. 


And I'm proud to say, a few of my submissions are included in the book! Yay!
You can purchase the e-book for only $8! It's worth every penny, in my opinions. You will find all kinds of tried and true tips, organized into categories like baby, crafts, organization and travel. It's so handy having all that information in one place. The convenience alone is worth the price.

And part of every purchase will go to help Mercy House, a safe haven for women in Kenya, East Africa. So not only will you help yourself with some helpful, time-saving tips, you'll get to help women in need all the way across the globe! Awesome!

Click here to visit wearethatfamily.

Disclosure: The above link is an affiliate link, so I'll receive a small commission if you purchase the book.

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