Friday, May 25, 2012

Easy Iced Coffee

I love coffee. But I usually drink it only in the mornings. My husband drinks it all day long. And he likes it hot, very hot.

In the summer, though, I like an occasional iced coffee. But I don't have them often because at a coffee shop, they're a little pricey! So I found an incredibly easy way to make them at home for a fraction of what I'd pay at Starbuck's.

And all I have to do is freeze leftover brewed coffee in ice cube trays. I make coffee every day, and some days Charles and I don't drink it all. So instead of dumping it down the drain, I freeze it! And now my iced coffee is almost ready to go! Plus, I'm saving money by NOT going to Starbuck's and by NOT dumping out perfectly good coffee (which is getting kinda expensive anyway).

Iced coffee also needs a milk component. My personal favorite is coconut milk. This isn't the canned stuff. You can find this in a carton in the dairy case. But if you prefer whole or skim milk, go with that.

Depending on how sweet you like your coffee, add a little sweetener. I use a drizzle of agave nectar. The coconut milk is a little sweet on its own so I don't need much.

I use 5-6 coffee cubes. I like mine a little strong. A cup of coconut milk, a splash of sweetener, then whirl it up in a blender.

It's easy to customize your own iced coffee, too. Add some yummy vanilla extract. Almond or hazelnut extract would be delicious, too. Create your own and enjoy!


  1. this looks really good, I love iced coffee and like you say, it is too expensive in coffee shops to drink on a regular basis!

    Just for clarification though, you are using coffee made with coffee beans right, and not icky instant coffee? and I assume you are freezing it with no milk or sugar added too? thanks

  2. No instant coffee in this house! LOL! We use Maxwell House, but occasionally grind our own beans. And it's straight coffee, no milk or sugar, that I freeze. I just pour it from the pot into the ice cube trays. Thanks for stopping by!