Sunday, February 2, 2014

Menu Plan February 3-9

Well, last week's menu plant was a bust! I found myself surrounded by sick people all week long! So I made several pots of chicken soup, this chicken soup to be exact.
Feel Better Chicken Stew

But I ran out of brown rice and had to substitute orzo pasta instead. Best substitution ever! Orzo cut down the cooking time considerably and was much easier to swallow for those with sore throats.

In addition to the virus going around, we had snow. Not much, but enough to paralyze our entire state. You might have heard about it? Alabama (and Georgia) were slammed with ice and snow, causing 3 days of total shut down. Yeah, sick and stuck, that was us.

I made it through the week caring for my poor family, then yesterday I started running a fever and feel a bit stuffed up. I've been drinking lemon and honey tea to alleviate my symptoms and so far it seems to be working. Hopefully this week will go a little more according to plan.

So here's what I've got for this week (and yes, there are some repeats from last week):

Pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw

Kale and white bean soup with smoked sausage, Italian bread

Easy chicken pot pie, green beans

Hamburger steaks, mashed potatoes

Creamy ham and potato soup, pretzel rolls

Date Night! Pizza for the kids

Savory beef roast

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  1. My parents were stuck in from Monday until Friday too! The weather was just crazy! I hope you get feeling better!

    1. We are all feeling better now, thankfully!

  2. I was sick from Nov to end of December. It's been a rough winter.

    1. This winter has been crazy for us! I hope we can all stay healthy now.

  3. Your menu sounds wonderful. I really wish I could find a pretzel bread that I could make in the bread machine.

    1. I would love that, too! I'm sure the dough could be mixed up in the bread machine, but it has to be boiled with the baking soda to get that lovely brown crust. Even though it's a bit more work than a regular loaf of bread, it's worth it!