Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday Backwards Edition

Every Wednesday, readers of We Are That Family's blog share tips that work for them. But this week, it's a Backwards Edition. We're supposed to ASK for help instead of sharing our advice.

So here's my dilemma. I got a tortilla press for Christmas. I want to make awesome homemade tortillas (part of my New Year's goal of making homemade food instead of buying). But I need an awesome recipe to make awesome tortillas. And any other little tips and tricks expert tortilla makers can share.

So what's your recipe for homemade tortillas?

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  1. You can find my tortilla recipe here: tortillas

    The only other tip I have is method. Depending on what brand of tortilla maker you got, you might need to throw out the directions. (I'm assuming here that you got an electric press that cooks the tortillas.) My mother-in-law got a great brand, and it works great - but the directions that came with it were terrible and didn't work at all. Make sure the press is oiled and, of course, heated up. Then put your ball of dough on the bottom plate, just a little back from the center. Close the lid and press down until it pretty much stops steaming/whistling, then lift the lid. Continue cooking for about ten seconds, then flip and cook for about fifteen seconds. (You'll get a "feel" for it after a few of them.) If they look like they're done, they're way overdone, and will be crispy.

  2. I make homemade two ways...

    For corn: (Easy)
    Buy the masa in a bag and mix with a lil' water. Let rest for a few minutes. (I can't remember why but my friend from Mexico told me to do it this way.) Form into a tiny ball then put in press. Then heat skillet to HOT and heat them only turning them once.

    For flour: (We just started making these and they are so simple because we found a flour mix.)

    Same instructions for corn. :)
    If you do this tell me how they turn out!
    Blessings to you,