Friday, February 19, 2010

Homeschool Art

The Princess loves art. She loves to paint, draw, create with play-doh, you name it. Mr. Lego is okay with art, but he'd rather be reading or playing the Wii. I'm no artist, but I do love to visit museums and appreciate the talents of artists.

One of my favorite websites for art is Art Projects for Kids. I can always find neat art projects with easy instructions for the kids to do. It makes up for my lack of talent and art teaching abilities.

This week we tackled the Kandinsky Colorweaver project. Both children really enjoyed creating the diamonds of color with oil pastels.

Here is the Princess' version:

Mr. Lego's rendition:

Kandinsky was also known for his use of geometric shapes and bold lines. You can see a collection of his work at All Posters. I had the kids trace several shapes on paper and use a ruler to intersect lines on the paper.

The Princess used watercolor paints on hers. She titled it "Cave of Diamonds."

I joined in, too. This is "Bottle Rockets."

The Princess even talked her Daddy into participating. His creation, "Storm at Sunset."

I just love the creativity the whole family shared this week! We had such fun pointing out our favorite parts of each person's work. Who said you had to be a trained artist to create art?

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