Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Natural Pain Relief - Arnica

Over the past few years my family has tried to decrease our dependence on prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines for the flu, colds, and minor illnesses. My dad recently gave me the book The Natural Physician's Healing Therapies: Proven Remedies that Medical Doctors Don't Know About by Mark Stengler. This book has 113 natural remedies using homeopathic and herbal therapies for a wide range of conditions.

I've been very impressed with the information this book contains in an easy-to-use format. All of the remedies are listed alphabetically and described in great detail, then the back of the book contains a quick remedy finder so you can look up possible treatments for whatever ails you.

My favorite "find" so far has been for pain relief and bruising. It's arnica. This is not the herbal form of arnica. It's the homeopathic form. Herbal arnica is used in gels or creams and should not be taken internally. Arnica reduces swelling caused by sprains and falls, helps alleviate muscle and joint pain, and is used effectively to treat concussions. It can also be taken pre- and post-surgery to reduce swelling and pain.

I bought some here and have been very pleased with how well it works. The pellets are small and dissolve easily. The Princess bumped her forehead and a bruise started puffing out right away. I gave her a dose of arnica and the swelling went down almost immediately. I gave her one more dose a few hours later. By the end of the day, I couldn't see where the bruise had been. I've taken it when I've awakened with a stiff neck and seen quick results, too.

I'm looking forward to trying other natural remedies listed in this book. I enjoy learning about alternative treatments for common ailments. However, I am not a doctor nor do I portray one on TV. Research these treatments for yourself and determine if they'll work for you.

I just know that arnica works for me!


  1. Hi Marsha. Nice to meet you.

    Great tip! I know my husband and I take way to many medicines for various ailments. I'll definitely have to check out this book and the site where you got the arnica. Thanks!

  2. This is one of the books I have been wanting to read...I am glad that you have found it useful..I love using alternative ways to help my children feel better. I have also been reading about aromatherapy as well.


  3. This is interesting to me because I get quite a bit of headaches, and I hate taking tylenol every single day.

  4. I've never used arnica. Or seen that book. Thank you so much!


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