Monday, February 22, 2010

It Happened Again!

Y'all know I don't like spiders. I posted about it here.

For the 4th time in my lifetime, I found a spider on my bath towel. While I was drying off in the shower!

Seriously, the 4th time!

The first time I was at college. I threw the towel out onto the floor of the bathroom I shared with 20 other girls on the hall. Nice. A girl waiting for a shower killed the spider for me. I dripped the whole way back to my room because I didn't want to use that towel to dry off.

The second time I was a counselor at camp. Okay, that's not too unbelievable since I was in the middle of the West Virginia wilderness, therefore technically in spider territory. But for four weeks of camp, I was the only person to have a spider on the bath towel while drying off in the shower. I know this because I asked around.

The third time was at my in-laws' house. My husband dutifully followed the screams and came into the bathroom to kill the spider for me. He also brought me an extra towel.

But this morning - in my own bathroom! Ugh!!! I'm blind as a bat in the shower without my glasses, so if the little varmint hadn't scurried up my arm I might not have noticed it at all. All I know is that swiping, dancing, gyrating and jumping out of the tub ensued. And I know it came from the towel because I always, always, ALWAYS check the tub and shower curtain for spiders before I get in. Always. And I usually check the towel too, but not today. See what happens when you let your guard down?

Somehow my towel ended up in the bottom of the tub and I just knew the spider was just waiting for me to peek under it so it could get me. And hubby had left early for work so I knew I had to take care of this myself. I got dressed, ran downstairs to the kitchen and got a pair of tongs so I could lift the towel up and see underneath it. I had a shoe in the other hand, ready to strike. When I lifted up the towel, I found this:

I guess somewhere in the midst of the swiping and gyrating, it got in the way. Too bad.

Am I the only one this happened to, four times no less? Could my dad have really been right, that spider families see when you kill one of their family members and take revenge?

But what I really, really want to do the spiders know which towel is mine?


  1. They just KNOW these things. Ugh. Now Im itching all over the place. Thanks. I, thank goodness, dont have the towel problem (I will now though probably) but they have pestered me in other ways...and I hate them.

  2. Oh, that's terrible! I'm going to look at my towel before I use it from now on!