Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday Blogging tips edition

I'm a relatively new blogger and I'm not very techo-savvy to start with. So what wisdom would I have to share with fellow bloggers? But the theme of this week's Works for Me Wednesday is blogging tips, so here goes.

I'd been reading blogs for quite some time before I started blogging myself. And I learned pretty quickly that when an idea for a blog post came to me, I needed to WRITE IT DOWN!

See, I used to have a good memory. I could remember names, faces, dates (I was a history major, after all), places, details. In college I mentally kept track of all my assignments and papers and never kept a day planner. I could make a grocery list in my head and get everything on the list when I went to the store. I was the first person chosen when Trivial Pursuit teams were divided up because of my ability to remember obscure things. How nerdy does that sound?

Did you notice all of that was in the past tense?

Because let me tell, when I had kids, all of that wonderful memory ability went right out the window. I think from the very moment I found out I was pregnant, the brain cells took a hit.

Of course, it could be that once I became a mother I had so many things to juggle at one time that the memory was the first thing to go. And of course, I am getting older.

So if I don't write down my blogging ideas when they come to me, chances are I will forget about them. I keep a small notebook in the kitchen (that's where I spend most of my time) within reach so I can jot things down when I think of them. I'm going to get a notebook for my bedside, too, because sometimes as I try to fall asleep I think of ideas or recipes. By the time I wake up, well....you know what has happened.

I make grocery lists, too. And lists of ideas for birthday presents. Lists for meals to prepare when company comes. I'm now a list queen!

It seems so elementary, almost insulting, to advise people to write things down. And not on a scrap of paper, either. In a notebook. It will make your life so much easier. For me, I had to swallow my pride. I'm not in my twenties anymore, after all.

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  1. I use a notebook too. I posted about it on WFMW. :)