Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Faith Renewed

I'm generally a cheerful person. Cup half full kind of gal. But last week was difficult for me. Just one thing after another.

My cousin lost her only child on Mother's Day and all week my heart was so burdened for her and her family. I just can't even imagine. Still I pray for her as she learns to cope with the unthinkable.

I received some other news I'm not at liberty to share. Though it wasn't unexpected - in fact, it was a relief in some ways - it still hurt my heart. I wondered why it had to be this way. And realized that maybe I'll never know.

Then Wednesday night I taught a lesson at our kids' Bible club and felt like I was hitting a brick wall with the kids. After the prayer and preparation I put into it, I felt like a failure.

What I really wanted to do was jump into bed and stay there, covers pulled up. Shut out the world and just cry. What I did was what I always do - get up, go about my daily tasks and paste a smile on my face.

Then on Sunday came a bigger blessing than I was expecting. A reminder of what I already knew to be true - God can do anything. His grace is amazing! One of the kids from Bible club who has given me a lot of trouble these last months (and specifically this past Wednesday) accepted Christ as his Savior!

I was humbled and rebuked by my lack of faith. But renewed at the same time. God took my discouragement and turned it in to joy. To Him be the glory! And I know that in these other situations that test my faith, He will prove Himself. Like He always does.

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  1. Such spiritual warfare! God is so faithful. xoxoxo