Thursday, March 22, 2012

Make Your Own Classroom Posters

Today I had an a-ha moment. Maybe a "Duh!" moment describes it better.

I used to be a classroom teacher. I used to have walls and walls to cover with something, anything that might be considered educational. So I have at my disposal a LOT of classroom posters to put up in our school room. I try to rotate them to keep something new and interesting in front of my kids.

I realized just how ineffective they were when I asked the Princess to define a particular part of speech and directed her to look on the wall to refresh her memory. A puzzled expression crossed her face and she replied, "Look on the wall?" as if she'd never seen my parts of speech poster before. Of course, she had but like most things, the posters had just started blending in with the walls and didn't stand out.

Then it hit me! Why am I putting pre-made, store-bought posters on the walls when my kids could make their own posters to display?

This has a two-fold purpose. First, I really need something to spruce up the walls. Why not let my creative children provide the decor? And second, it's a fantastic way for my kids to review what they've learned!

So I gave them some paper and off they went! The first step was to make a mini-poster defining a noun. Then we'll tackle common and proper nouns. And maybe concrete and abstract nouns. How about making nouns plural? That sounds challenging!

My plan is to combine all the mini-posters and adhere them to one big piece of poster paper for future display. Then each child will have a poster he/she made to put up on the wall.

I knew this idea was a winner when the Princess said to me, "Wow, Mom. That was fun. Can we do it again tomorrow?" Sure thing, cupcake.

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