Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Husband is the Best!

Sometimes you just have to brag on your man, you know?

Last weekend (well, actually most of us left on Thursday), 6 girlfriends and I headed to the beach for a nice, relaxing weekend in a luxury condo. I prepared some food ahead of time for the family, but my husband did most of the meal planning and cooking while I was gone.

On Friday, my camera got wet and stopped working. I was hesitant to tell him about it, but he reassured me it was no big deal. He's already researching cameras to find me a new one. I'm not talking a huge, expensive camera because I'm not comfortable with techy things. Just a simple digital one like the one I drowned. Well, actually I was just strolling along the beach when a large wave sneaked up on me. But still, it was my fault. He's just been so sweet to make sure I don't feel badly about it. Although I am sad I didn't get to take a lot of pics on the trip. I had to use my cell phone which isn't the same.

On Saturday my throat started feeling sore. I just chalked it up to change in environment or maybe allergies. By the time I got home on Sunday evening, I felt awful! I thought a good night's rest would just the thing to make me feel better. You know, no staying up until 1:30 am talking, like I'd done the previous three nights! Could that be the reason my throat ached?

No, the doctor said it was a virus and I needed to rest my voice for at least 5 days while drinking plenty of fluids. And I probably should mention the only reason I know what the doctor said is that my dear Charles insisted I go see him. He doesn't like it when I don't feel well, so he suggested I just take the time and make sure it wasn't something serious like strep or the flu. I had a million things to do - laundry, school, grocery shopping. But he told me nothing was more important to him than my well-being. The rest could wait. And it did! LOL But I do know I wouldn't have gone to the doctor had he not encouraged me to.

And now that we know it's not life-threatening or debilitating, he's still just as caring and solicitous. I realize it's nothing grand or heroic, but it's the little things like this that make Charles my hero. I love him!

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  1. Marsha- I just found your blog again! So glad to see you all are doing well. It's nice to have a great husband; I have one too and am ever so thankful!!! Praying you all have a blessed week!

    ( soon to be blessed mommy to 7! )