Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kitchen Tip - Serving Sour Cream

Our family likes tacos and taco salad. Each person can pick his or her favorite toppings and create a unique masterpiece. To me, a taco or taco salad is not complete until it's been graced with sour cream.

Until recently my only method of adding sour cream was to fling it from a spoon in the taco's general direction and hope it stuck! I usually ended up with globs of  sour cream here and there, but there was no way to spread it around without making a huge mess.

Then inspiration struck! How about using a squeeze bottle? I use this easy method for BBQ sauce and homemade ketchup, so why not sour cream?
I have more control over where the sour cream ends up - sure beats the flinging method! And there's no mess. I can even store the remaining sour cream in the bottle until I need it again.

Isn't that taco salad pretty? And I'll get some sour cream in each bite! Yum!


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  2. I like this idea! I really need to get some squeeze bottles.