Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reflections on my Children Growing Up

This summer both of my kids have grown by leaps and bounds. My oldest is just slightly taller than I am and the youngest is getting closer and closer. Not to mention the oldest is now in the church youth group. Youth group? How did THAT happen? It seems like yesterday I was putting them in the church nursery!

I know that I'm supposed to mourn the passing of their childhoods. I've listened to countless teary-eyed mamas relate to me how they wish they could go back to when their kids were babies. The good old days. You know, when all you did was clean up poop and puke. Yeah, those good old days.

Okay, I have no problems admitting that sometimes I miss my kids being little. Baby snuggles ARE hard to beat! And I won't deny that I've grown nostalgic as I've looked through their scrapbooks. Maybe even wiped away a tear or two.

But I've also got to admit that I like the ages they are now. They can feed themselves, wash their own clothes, clean up their own messes (sometimes), and even stay home while I run to the store. I'm proud of who they're becoming - polite, kind individuals who try to help others. Oh, they're far from perfect. But they are maturing and growing in their Christian walk, just like I am.

I cherish those baby memories. Truly, I do. But I'm really excited about who my children are going to become and what God will use them to do in the future. So I'll try not to cry as the apron strings get looser and looser. I'll try to rejoice that my kids are growing up!

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