Friday, June 11, 2010

80's Flashback

Do you what movie hits theaters today?

The A-Team!

I loved the A-Team! Face, played by Dirk Benedict, was the object of my affection. But honestly, I liked the entire cast. Hannibal was so cool, not letting anything get under his skin. And his sarcasm was fun! You never knew what Murdock was going to do. He was crazy but could pilot anything with wings. And Mr. T was the perfect BA Baracus, bad attitude with a soft heart underneath. His fear of flying just added another layer of campiness to the show.

Once my great aunt questioned my parents' judgment about letting us kids watch the "most violent show on TV." I remember my dad laughing and saying that no one died in this show. Vehicles could roll over multiple times and the occupants would get out and straighten their ties. Every person onscreen would be firing automatic weapons and no one took a bullet. It was all for show! The bad guys always lost, the good guys always won.

And my brothers and I loved it! We never missed an episode if we could help it. If you ever missed an episode, I've got good news! You can watch the show on Netflix! Yep, it's in our "Watch Instantly" queue!

I'm not sure how this movie is going to measure up, but I think I'll at least give it a chance. But this doesn't meant I'll love Dirk Benedict's Face any less!

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