Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Internet is still here! Yay!

Last Friday our high speed internet went out during a big ol' thunderstorm. Charles called the cable company and got the recorded message that there were outages in our area. So we figured an hour or so and we'd be back. See, he works from home and he really needs a high speed connection to do his job. I need it too, but only because I'm an internet junkie.

But an hour or so later and we still were without internet. And phone service because we use Vonage. Our cable tv was working just fine so he called again and this time talked to a real person. Real person told him it looked like we had a problem with the splitter coming into the house. Or something like that. The earliest a technician could come look at it was Wednesday. Wednesday?!?

Hubby managed to hook up his Verizon 3G broadband something or other (really technical, I know!) and let me check my emails and stuff. But it was slow. And I didn't like it. I wanted MY internet back! I felt like I was cut off from civilization!

So yesterday the technician came. Nice guy. He quickly determined it was the modem, not the splitter. So we went all that time without high speed internet and all we needed was a new modem. That we could have gotten Friday. Oh, well.

Yesterday was also hubby's birthday. I made him chocolate cake, his favorite. I'll post the recipe later. And we took some pictures of our lovely hydrangea. Want to see?

I love the purple, pink, and violet blooms. The pink comes from putting lime around the base of the bush.

A close-up of a pink bloom:

A purple one:

A little of both:



  1. Yeah! Dh always tells me that I would probably die, if I don't have internet. LOL!

    What beautiful hydrangeas! Georgeous color!

  2. Oh I don't know what I would do if my internet went out.

    I have never seen plants with two different colors of flowers on the same plant. How pretty!