Sunday, August 19, 2012

Not Back to School Blog Hop Week 3

Not Back to School Blog Hop
This week's theme is student pictures. I'm blessed with two students, Mr. Lego and the Princess. We also are joined by Student #3, our dog Alexandra. Would you like to meet them?

This is Mr. Lego. He's eleven years old and in the sixth grade. Over the summer he grew about four inches. Four! He's almost as tall as I am! There's no doubt he will be looking down on me soon! And he's now wearing a mens' size 8 shoe. My little preemie baby is growing into a fine young man. If you want to read more about his early intro into the world, you can find my post about it here.

As you can probably guess by his online name, he loves Legos. He spends hours creating buildings, spaceships, you name it. Currently he's interested in the BBC show Dr. Who, so he's built several Daleks (the Doctor's arch-nemeses).

This is Mr. Lego's Lego table. Somehow in all this mess, he can find the parts that he needs.

Mr. Lego is my studious child. He loves to read and learn. He even enjoys reading instruction manuals for video and computer games! In fact, he won't try to play without reading the instructions first. His favorite subjects are math and science.

My second student is the Princess. She is ten years old. She was added to our family just 17 months after Mr. Lego was born, so they're only one year apart in school. But they're worlds apart in interests and personalities! LOL

The Princess loves to draw. In fact, there is no scrap of paper in our house that's safe from being doodled on! I incorporate a great deal of notebooking and coloring pages in our school day to capitalize on her creativity. She adores anything princess and loves to play dress-up. We are also treated to lots of storytelling and homemade books that she dreams up.

Our dog Alexandra (we call her Xandra for short) joins us nearly every day. She sits between the kids' desks and waits for us to take a break so she can get a belly rub or head pat. To say she's spoiled would be an understatement.

We're in our sixth year of homeschooling and have loved the journey so far. Our family has grown closer and stronger along the way. I wouldn't trade these years for anything!


  1. We just started our sixth year of homeschooling, and I have a Princess who loves to draw too!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  2. Oh my goodness that's a lot of legos! My boys would go crazy happy with a lego table like that :)

    Hope your school year is blessed!

  3. Your kids are so cute.I bet Xandra adds peace to your schoolroom.Has your daughter tried any of the Jan Brett videos? They are free online and great for kids wanting to draw.