Friday, January 4, 2013

Heavy Hearted

 On Mother's Day, 2011, my cousin Tracie lost her son in a dirt bike accident. Today Tracie passed away unexpectedly. Then a few hours later, her mother (my aunt) also passed away.

My aunt hadn't been well for some time. Her family was preparing themselves as best as they could for her passing. It was not unexpected, and she had requested no live-saving measures be taken. But her daughter's death is a shock no one saw coming.

Now their family is burying a mother and a sister. My aunt's husband is burying a wife and stepdaughter. My cousin's husband is burying a wife and a mother-in-law.

It's unfathomable. The loss is so great.

Please pray for comfort and strength for all of them. Pray for my dad - this was his sister. Pray that he has the words to say to help at this difficult time.

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