Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend my husband's parents came to visit us so his dad could help him install a tile floor in our kitchen. They brought along hubby's grandma who lives with them, too. It was such a joy to fellowship with her while the guys worked. We also had two wonderful friends show up to help.

Despite their best efforts and incredibly hard work, the floor isn't finished. Note to self - any planned home renovation is going to take longer than expected. In our case, the sub floor had warped due to water damage and literally had to be scraped up instead of cut out. What is finished looks fabulous! We still need some tile to be cut and fitted into place, then grout over all.

I will admit, I am a teensy bit disappointed to still not have my kitchen back! Do you know how difficult it can be to prepare food for hungry men when your kitchen access is limited? Well, I found out the hard way! No one complained, though, so I must have done all right!

Ahhh, these lessons in flexibility are killing me! LOL!

In other news, I received an email about my CSN Stores order, and it's out of stock. Bummer! And I started running a fever earlier with a touch of sore throat this evening, so I'm going to take it easy tonight and go to bed early. I've been drinking gallons of my natural flu remedy, hoping to head off any serious symptoms.

I'll post my menu plan later, if I can figure out what to cook in my crazy kitchen!

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