Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Great Flour Experiment

I've been taking baby steps to make my family's eating habits healthier. I knew if I made any sudden drastic changes, there would be resistance. No one likes change, right?

I've been buying King Arthur flour because I think it's the finest quality you can get without actually grinding your own wheat. King Arthur doesn't bleach or bromate their flours, and they do not use genetically modified wheat. It's pricier than other brands, but I believe that the improved quality is worth it.

So when I found out that King Arthur produced white whole wheat flour, I couldn't wait to try it! This flour is made from hard white wheat and is lighter in texture and color than traditional whole wheat. It has the same nutrition of whole wheat without the grittiness.

I decided to mix it with equal amounts of KA Unbleached All-Purpose flour and see how it worked. I made cheesy garlic breadsticks, Chinese chicken, soft sandwich rolls...basically any recipe I had that called for all-purpose flour.

The results have been amazing! Charles has commented several times that the breadsticks seem so much tastier. Pizza dough is chewier and has more texture. I love that we're getting more nutrition while enjoying better tasting food!

In short the Great Flour Experiment has been a success!

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  1. Besides, King Arthur has a way cooler package *wink*. Thanks for the post. I'm going to give your experiment a try here! ~Mrs. Quirk