Friday, April 16, 2010

A Special Birthday Wish!

Today is my mom's birthday!

We've always had a wonderful relationship, and now that I'm a mom too, I can relate even better to her. She's been my most faithful supporter through the years. I know that through many tough times in my life, she lifted me up in prayer and called out my name before the Lord. Even though we're miles apart, there's nothing she wouldn't do for me or my family.

This is a picture of her and my Dad at our house for Christmas - the most recent visit we've had.

I love you, Mom! Thank for you showing Jesus to me all these years.


  1. wonderful! Lucky you to have such a Mother!

  2. Ansley said that you look just like your mom!

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  4. Came across you while visiting @Bratt29 from Twitter. Another blessing is that you'll live long because you're honoring your parents. Nice bundle of blessings from our Lord King.

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