Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's talk vacations

Who doesn't love getting away and relaxing for a few days, a week, or even two? With vacation season gearing up soon, I thought it might be fun to dish on your favorite vacation spots and tips. You can read my number one vacation tip here.

All of my family lives out of state, so for many years we've spent our vacation time going to visit here, there, and everywhere. When the children came along, we thought it was important to start creating vacation memories that didn't just include going to visit relatives. Don't get me wrong, I love to visit family. But sometimes we just wanted it to be the four of us, ya know?

We took the kids to Disney World in February 2007 and then again last year in October. And of course, we all just loved it.

Both times we saved up and paid for the trip before we even left home. We don't feel it's prudent to go into debt for a vacation, so if we can't pay for it before we go, we don't go. It doesn't hurt that my husband's job provides plenty of opportunities to accumulate airline miles, so we can fly free to Orlando.

We're planning our next Disney trip for Februay 2012. (We like to go in the off-season because of cheaper rates and smaller crowds. Plus the weather is cooler than the summer months). By then, Mr. Lego will be 10 and we'll have to pay adult prices for him. Can you believe that? 10?

How about you? Are theme parks your thing?

What's your favorite family vacation spot?


  1. Such a cute family! Some day we hope to make it to Disney World when my boys are bigger. For now, we really enjoy camping with our pop up camper. I'm totally looking forward to it!

  2. Hi Marsha,
    We go to Florida to visit family, usually for Thanksgiving. Haven't been on a `real` vacation in forever.
    My tip, I like to crochet, while hubby drives. The hours go by quickly.

    BTW, my Hobby Lobby GC came today. I look forward to using it.
    Thanks so much!

  3. Disney is our favorite vacation spot too!! We actually are members of the Disney Vacation Club so we can go every year. It was a big purchase up front, but now we don't have to worry about lodging again! Yeah!!! We go during the off season too. Never have to wait in a line. Love it! Have fun in 2012!

  4. Disney is our favorite place! -I also love going in the off-season, but unfortunately we normally have to go during the summer or over spring break because of school!

  5. Walt Disney World is our favorite vacation getaway! We also love the beach and mountain vacations we take but, nothing can compare to Disney. We were just there the first week of March and my kids are still talking about it every day.

    I love the fact that we homeschool, like you, so we can hit Disney during non-peak seasons. The deals you get are unbelievable - we stayed at the Grand Floridian this past vacation for 45% off the normal rates plus, no crowds.

  6. Disney World! My husband and I went there for our honeymoon and LOVED it! We had such a blast! With our kids being pretty young still (and us living on the complete opposite side of the country), we're hoping to take them to Disney Land in a few years :) We also try to hit places in the off season - don't ya just love homeschooling?!

  7. When I was growing up I knew I wanted to travel the world. I just didn't know it would end up being DisneyWORLD. I am satified if nearly every trip I take is to this magical place. I just don't get to go enough!!!