Sunday, April 11, 2010

Menu Plan - April 11-17

Spring is finally here to stay! And with it, a coating of yellow pollen on everything. And I mean everything. If the dog stays outside too long, she comes in and shakes it off onto the floor!

But I'm so thankful for the warmer weather and the gorgeous colors. Our dogwoods are in full bloom and the azaleas are getting ready to burst out with color. The trees greened up almost overnight. I love it!

This week's menu plan is simple. Last week I cooked for seven extra people who were staying with us, so I'm giving myself a break! The hamburgers, chicken and meatballs were all prepared ahead of time and frozen, so it's only a matter of thawing and reheating.

Here's the plan:

Beef stir-fry, rice

Tacos, tortilla chips

Chinese chicken, rice

Grilled hamburgers, home fries

Grilled chicken, green beans, squash

Pasta and meatballs, cheesy garlic breadsticks

Steamed fish, broccoli

For more great menu ideas, check out Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Mondays. You can find tons of inspiration for tasty meals there.


  1. Okay, I commented on the post below this one, but decided I needed to stop by here and say, your menus sound delicious! Do you provide takeout? Just Kidding...maybe. Everything does sound good.


  2. I can only imagine that you need a break after cooking for a crowd. Great looking menu!
    Have a great Monday!

  3. The cheesy garlic breadsticks look delish!

  4. I love azaleas. I used to have lots of them in my yard when we lived in Vancouver.They were so gorgeous.

    Great menu. I need to put tacos on my menu one of these days.

    I found you from MPM.

    I started weekly menu link up on my blog today. You can come over and link up if you like as well.