Sunday, November 4, 2012

Menu Plan November 5-11

Last week was a blur for me. I spent most of my time resting, trying to recover from a virus. I tried to get meals on the table, but mostly we had leftovers and stuff from the freezer. I felt much better yesterday, but woke with another fever today and will probably have to make another trip to the doctor. Not fun!

My husband has really stepped up and taken care of things for me, which eases my mind so much and allows me to rest. I've been so proud of the kids, too. They've done their schoolwork with little to no help from me and, for the most part, have been sweet and helpful.

I'm going to make a menu plan and hope I can stick to it. If not, it will be more sandwiches and homemade frozen pizzas!

Here's what I'm aiming for this week:

Mexican pasta, broccoli

Hawaiian chicken (crockpot recipe), rice

Fish chowder, pretzel rolls

Savory beef sandwiches (crockpot recipe), crockpot roasted potatoes

Lentil and rice burritos, salad


Chicken taco soup (crockpot recipe), sweet buttermilk cornbread

For more meal planning inspiration, visit Menu Plan Monday at Organizing Junkie.


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I have bookmarked the savory beef sandwiches. I love crockpot recipes. Liz

  2. I love pretzel rolls but have never made them at home. I will have to try that recipe!