Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday Backwards Edition

Every week Kristen at We are THAT Family hosts a meme "Works for Me Wednesday." Readers share tips that help make their lives easier, and I've learned a great deal of helpful things from them.

This week, the theme is asking for tips from our readers. So I need to know - what are your best tips are for taking care of cast iron cookware? I've never used cast iron until recently (I got a skillet with my birthday money!) and I want to be sure I don't ruin it. I know to wash and dry it thoroughly, but anything else?

Thanks a bunch!

To see if you can help other moms who need a tip or to ask for a tip yourself, visit Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. Found you from WFMW, My grandma always just washed hers with warm water (no soap) and stuck it back in the oven to dry.

  2. Wow, I have no clue! I don't own any cast iron, but someday I would love to. Good luck finding an answer.

  3. We don't wash it every time, actually. If we're cooking say, pancakes in the morning and eggs for lunch, leave it. Scrape it out, but you don't need to wash it. And when you do wash it, no soap, let it dry and then melt some oil in it. (If you do have to use soap to get extra spice smells out, reseason the pan.) We love our cast iron!


    My dad seasons his and they've never been rusty. I can't use them since they weigh too much (fibromyalgia makes me weak) but they're nice to cook in.

    Also if it ever gets rusty, just scour off the rust and reseason it.