Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday - Homemade Brown Sugar

Have you ever decided to bake cookies and assumed you had the brown sugar you needed but didn't? I know I have - countless times. Instead of making a mad dash to the store for brown sugar, why not make your own?

All you need is white sugar and molasses. After all, molasses is a byproduct of making sugar. You're just going to add it back in.

You'll need one tablespoon of molasses for every cup of white sugar.

Start mixing together with a fork. It will clump up at first, but keeping mixing.

Almost there! Try to make sure every white crystal is coated and no clumps remain.

And now you have homemade brown sugar! It tastes just like store bought (only fresher) and you can use it just the same. The whole process takes about five minutes - a lot less time than it takes to run to the store!

For more helpful tips, visit We are THAT Family's Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. Yum Yum.
    I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow, and I’m glad I did. I am now a follower of yours as well. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become one as well.

  2. Wow - what a neat idea! I didn't know that! Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love your blog! :) Thanks for another great tip!

  4. thanks for a great tip! I also love to use sucanat. It's a more natural form of sugar. Love your blog!

  5. I knew that's what it was made of, but I never thought to actually try it! Good tip.

  6. Very cool- i had no idea you could do this!

  7. I had a feeling that you could do this...but I never tried it. Thanks for sharing and what a great time saver if you just happen to run out!